She has a house of her own.
Her cutlery, her couch,
And probably her own car keys.
She doesn’t rely on anyone for anything.

She gets up early, grateful for another day.
She prepares and leaves for work.
She could be a businesswoman or an employee in a firm.
Always busy, never an idle mind.

She knows how hard it is to make a coin.
You won’t see her begging.
Whether mid-month or end-month.
She only spends what she earns.

Whatever she does, her mind is always set for a goal.
To achieve more than what she had the previous day.
To attract more clients at her firm.
She does everything whole hearted.

She’s brilliant and works hard.
She takes commands with little or no questions.
She’s not the dumb type, she just knows when to speak.
The character that many want to be associated with.

Things like relationships don’t bother her too much.
She could be in one, or ‘out of’ one.
Whatever the situation, she’s comfortable with her state.
As long as she’s happy, all is well.

She knows what being modern means.
From her wardrobe, to her method of operating things.
She is admired by many, and criticized by a few.
All in all, she’s independent.

miss independent