You are always up and about,
From Monday to Monday,
Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week,
Continuously working for three six five days,
We honor you, good men and women of the state.
We need you now, more than ever.

The cops; traffic cops, administration police,
Bringing sanity to our roads,
Keeping an eye on criminals as we talk, walk and sleep,
Enduring the heat from the scorching sun in the afternoons,
Feeling the biting cold at night as you stand on highways,
Cheers wherever you are, cheers! Our boys and girls in blue.

We live for a while, and eventually die,
You receive our corpses, and prepare them for burial,

You take care of them, like you would take care of a treasure.
You do your work whole hearted, morgue attendants,
A clap for you people, we have to applaud you.

You moved us from the illiterate world,
Teaching us the simple ABCs, now we are here,
Kindergarten teachers, our first mentors,
Showing us how to hold a pen,
As we scribbled illegible alphabetical letters,
How precious you are, a big up to you.

Tragedies are bound to happen daily,
You’re ever present, aiding the victims,
You provide a helping hand, whether noon or midnight,
The staff and officials of the noble organization, The Red-Cross,
You save lives, hundreds if not thousands,
A standing ovation, for the wonderful Red-Cross.

Our dear soldiers on the war fronts and battle fields,
The mighty Army, the smashing Navy, the great Air-force,
ย  Securing our borders, and the waters,
Risking your lives every day, for peace to prevail,
Your deeds are noteworthy, your efforts can’t be despised,
A massive shout out to you guys, salute!