Loud bangs, noises, grenades exploding,
Boom! Twoof! That familiar sound again.
Rebel groups, moving left and right,
Youth gangs fighting, as they bleed from head to toe.
The young and not so young, all in combat.

A mother weeping, her child wailing,
Her husband dead, her brother engaged in war.
Tears rolling down her cheeks like a waterfall.
You won’t see her teeth, she rarely grins,
Her tear tank is almost empty, she has cried too much.

Bodies all over, no, I’m not talking of a morgue,
It’s the streets, corpses-filled lanes,
Trails of blood, the soil, a mixture of red and brown.
Toddlers growing up, all they see is weapons, no toys.
violence is the norm, peace is a rarity.

Death always staring at the population, for about a decade now.
Students can’t walk from schools, patients can’t go to hospitals,
Wait, which schools and hospitals?
No institution is left, all were blown up, or burnt down.
The sick and injured are treated by the roadside.

A visitor needs no explanation, everything is crystal clear,
The sad faces of hopeless citizens tell it all,
Angry faces of men and women, exhausted by the status quo.
They want to experience peace like other nations,
They want to know what peace is, they are tired of war.

Who to blame? You ask, both the governors and the governed.
Laxity in the security systems, rogue and ruthless leaders,
Contempt of the constitution and violation of human rights,
Ignorance, senselessness and misinformation among the masses.
Who to end it? You ask, both the governors and the governed

All churches and  mosques have been burnt down,
Tales of war and crime, no tales of peace,
The ears and eyes can’t take it anymore,
Feet are tired of running every now and then.
Trees complaining that they’ve heard too many bullet shots

Rifles loaded with bullets, chemical weapons in use,
Those who lived like brothers, are now rivals and enemies,
Lads and their dads are guerrillas, lasses and the moms in hiding,
It’s a sick state, every living thing wants calm to return.
The population still prays for the terror to end.