Hi Google, Some Letter For You..
It’s becoming somehow impossible to live without the internet. We rely on it for a lot of information. In fact, some of us treat it like a basic need. It’s like the modern man needs food, shelter, clothing, then the internet. I bet Abraham Maslow could have fixed the Net somewhere in between his Hierarchy of Needs had he been alive today.
We get to use different search engines when we are online. Bing, Ask,Yahoo, AOL, Google… e.t.c. I particularly use Google every goddam day. I find it fast and easy to use. Oh boy! you don’t wanna know what I check on the search engine; From confirming spellings, (Google must find me daft; I don’t own a dictionary anyways), to checking out sites (news, art, gossip especially), trends and other crazy stuff I can’t write here.
Speaking of Google. I wish it could be more refined. A little bit sophisticated if I can add that. Like the other day I was chilling in the house and my phone was hidden somewhere under a cushion. I couldn’t locate it for two hours and when I finally found it, I got a couple of missed calls. The callers must have thought I ignored them yet my phone was on silent mode under some cushion. If only Google could provide more, I couldn’t have had missed calls. (There was an emergency one by the way). I could just have typed on the search engine ‘Where is the black Samsung phone that I usually have with me? Location: Nairobi, Kenya’ and Google could be like ‘It’s under the cushion dummy!’ and voila I could get my phone. As unimaginable as it may sound, don’t you think Google could attract many users daily?


You are stuck in the galling Nairobi jam as you head to the C.B.D. You are impatient because the traffic is moving at a snail’s pace. You want to tell whoever you are going to meet that you’ll arrive a bit late. What do you do? You go visit your friend, Google and ask “When will the traffic along Mombasa road clear?” “Just wait for 25 more minutes ma’am/sir”. This is bad. You gonna be late, but it’s o.k. At least you’ll call and inform whoever you are to meet that you will arrive at 10.35 as opposed to 10.10 a.m. See, good stuff.


It’s the weekend, and so you want to relax in your crib as you watch movies. And you know the bosses, Kenya Power guys are full of surprises. They decide whether you’ll get to watch your two hour movie or cut you short with an outage at minute fifty five. You already know what to do. Go Google “Will we experience any power blackout today? Location: Rongai Republic”, and the search engine will reply “No sweety, you can stay indoors and watch your movie.”

Unrealistic…. Huh!

Hahaha… I had to laugh out loud. Impossible and unthinkable stuff this is, right? But come to think of it, what if Google had such capabilities and powers? Don’t you think it could be easier?

Now, tag any techie who works with Google and share this with them. Or if the Google guys can’t think of this implausible but fantastic idea, ask any programmer or developer if we can have an app with such capacities and powers.Hahaha.. I have to leave now. I gotta Google something.