More than two thousand years ago,
God created Adam and his companion, Eve.
He placed them in the beautiful garden of Eden,
Which had all kinds of tasty fruits.
It was peaceful there, calm and all nice,
Before the serpent came and tempted Eve.

Once upon a time, it was in the past,
My seniors say the good old days,
And good old days they sure were,
When the world was virgin and not polluted,
Everything around was pure and clean,
Those awesome days, I wish they could be back.

Ages ago, when we lived decent lives,
When we cherished and followed our traditions,
We treasured our values and rich culture,
We were so proud of our ways and customs,
That time, before we foolishly aped foreign habits,
It was so good down here, everyone says that.

Remember when the earth was the safest place in the world?
Before we lived in fear of contracting ailments?
Before we brought cancers, H.I.V and S.T.Is to ourselves?
You recall when a greater percentage of the populace was healthy?
We were morally upright then, and practiced safe behaviors,
Those days, you remember now? They were good, weren’t they?.

Our national reserves and parks were full of game,
Elephants and rhinos used to walk freely in the wild,
Without fearing for their tusks, now targeted by ignorant poachers,
Years when you could wish to walk to any of our major parks,
Because there was variety to keep your eyes busy,
Oh! How surviving elephants wish for such days.

That period in history, when we worked together as countrymen,
When ethnicity was not rife in public and private sectors as it is now,
We didn’t coil in tribal cocoons to bash other communities,
We spoke in different dialects, but were one in the inside,
The only thing we spread to our neighbors was love,
Don’t we look back and admire the people we were back then?.

That time when you touched cool waters from the streams,
Fresh water ran from taps, water without chemicals,
Fish swam happily in non-polluted lakes and oceans,
When rivers meandered through our forests,
When the vegetation was all green, and not brown,
Once upon a time, in the great African savannas.