He pulled over his jeep, and got out.
His pockets being so deep, loaded with cash.
He had put on a black tee, and denim jeans.
His style, every end of  week, when he goes out.

He moves into the crowded bar, walking with pride,
Like a peacock, or a bright kid going to receive a present.
He likes it so much when he’s in the bar,
Because no nagging, from wife who is so far.

He calls this place a paradise, but it’s a hall of shame.
A lot of evil things happen here, some we cannot name.
He’ll buy drinks for his guys, and give them girls some hugs.
It’s a bar, expect drunkards, hoes, idlers and maybe thugs.

His wife never likes this place, she calls it a jinx,
She never accompanies him, she has other things to fix.
The bar is too stuffy, squeezed tables of six,
Everyone doing their shit, the D.J on the mix.

Some are gambling all that they had saved,
Knowing well there’s nothing left in their safes.
A group of youth is on the dance floor, they came to rave,
Hoes gold-digging, as they prepare to dig their graves.

Sisters standing at a corner, puffing cigars.
Niggers moving around, looking for dealers.
Married men being initiated in the club of cheaters.
With cute lasses around, they should know ‘All that glitters…’

The clock reads nine, he still has a lot of time.
‘Another glass of wine!’ He calls for the bartender.
He came here at five, having carried a lot of cents.
He’s spending every single dime, it sure doesn’t make sense.

He can’t walk straight, all he does is stagger.
Drinking yourself silly, Hey man! That’s not swagger.
He’s too drunk to drive, he should call for a cab.
Getting late, checking the time and it’s past one.

You move into the hall feeling clean and rich,
But walk out broke, and looking like filth.
Spouses go in as loving faithfuls,
But get out looking like miserable fools.