She laughed hard,and laughed and laughed,
And laughed again…
Spare a thought for her.
She isn’t retarded, she is not smart either.
She laughed at political activists tortured by tyrant leaders,
She laughed at the war-ton Middle East,
She laughed at the poverty-stricken economies in Africa,
She mocked the street families and beggars,
Laughed at the cleaners washing corridors of her apartment,
She laughed like a drain.
She laughed at her divorcee neighbor,
Laughed at the Negro who was discriminated against in a white dominated state,
Oh! her poor ribs! They were subjected to so much punishment.
She laughed at the Asian’s physical features,
She laughed more….
She laughed at the Arab who was frisked for more minutes than his American friend,
But she forgot to laugh at one thing; Her ignorance.
She should have laughed at her ludicrous laughter,
Naivety and lack of wisdom.
A moment of silence for her, she needs help, urgently.