So cold I feel,

A little warmth I need,

I look back at the better days,

Everything was exciting and gay,

when humans were abound,

It would be lively around.

The lady in her evening gown,
The baby in his snug sweater,

There would be lots of  laughter.

Always merry,

Rarely scary,

Apart from the few times there were tears,

That would bring sorrow and fear(s).

But the tears usually dried fast,

Faster than greased lightning,

And there would be laughter again,

More comfort and delight, and less pain.
But the humans went away,

  They moved towards the bay,
And disappeared without a trace,
Leaving behind a large space.
Then the spirits replaced them.
The annoying ghosts paid me a visit ,
And decided to make me their permanent residence,
They are very hostile, showing no benevolence,
No more chuckles, no giggles, no guffawing,
The feeling here is terrible, vexatious, to say the least
I’m forlorn, doleful, I’m crestfallen,
I need company, I need my humans back,
Especially at night, when it’s very dark.
I am a lonely, forsaken house.