I’ll wake up at mid-night,
And clutch her dress tight,
She doesn’t know I’m awake,
I need me her entire attention,
Her name, I don’t have to mention,
I can’t speak, I’ll cry,
My sharp, shrill, shrieking voice wakes her up,
She’s full of wit, she knows I’m hungry,
She’ll feel her chest and give me her breast,
Her milk so sweet, I can prove it’s the best.


Morning. She’s an early bird,
Wakes up ahead of sleepy me,
Works hard, you’d think she’s a bee,
I wake up late, hungry, can’t speak,
I’ll try to utter something,
Maa……Maa….. is all I can say,
She’ll hear my not vibrant voice,
And come for me,
She’ll feel her chest and give me her breast,
I’ll consume the milk with zest, easy to digest.


Noon. Maa…..Maa….. is working,
A lowly, lonely infant is what I am,
I want her affection and attention. I’ll pule,
She’ll hear my not vibrant voice ,
And come for me,

I’m angry, not hungry, I’m lonely

Her company is what I want, only,

She’ll carry then rock me

She won’t feel her chest to give me her breast,

I’m so lucky to have her with me, I’m blessed.