My Inamorato
Since your very first hi,

My spirits been so high,

To confess this, I’m not shy,

Even God Knows I cannot lie.

Mention of your name performs some kind of miracle,

“They’re meant to be”, message from an oracle,
There’s something about our bond, something desirable,

This union we’re building, hope there’ll be no obstacle.

Observed you as we dined,

Your attributes so fine,

Your presence takes me to cloud nine,

To cross the line and join you, I won’t mind.

You’re so adept in this art,

You managed to steal my heart,

I always wanna respond with a hi,

I don’t wanna tell you bye.
Hanging out with you is utter bliss,
You, I’ll never diss,
Sweet memories of how you kiss,
It’s only you that I miss.

As kind as a hovering dove,
As gentle with words as you,
Sweet as that which is forbidden,

Oh dear beau, I’m so smitten.