Hoping that 2014 ended on a high note for you. Mine was splendid.

The cliche that is, ‘New Year New Me’.  A majority say that, but crawl back to their old selves when the year is still young.

It’s a fresh year. A new episode, an untouched chapter of life, Another phase, New shit, New stuff, New things, New resolutions, New hope, New life, New beginning, every thing new.We are all moving to the next stage. A new start for some. Quitting the awful, picking the best.

Scratch the resolutions part. I don’t write down New Year Resolutions. What for? I don’t see any upside to that. I don’t think it’s that essential, to me at least. Got nothing against those who list them though. Big up to those who especially fulfill at least three quarter of what they list in the first month, when the year comes to a close.

Grateful to the Almighty who’s seen me through since I first thought of setting up this blog. Thankful to the friends who’ve shown me support, and those who’ve offered their wise counsel when I erred. Not forgetting awesome bloggers and writers whose works have inflated my thinking, and left my eyes wanting to read more, in the blog-sphere and other platforms.

I hope that I’ll post more often than I did in the previous year, and that whatever I pen down will be more accurate, flawless and more gripping than ever.

God bless you all and have a happy and successful year ahead :-).