Her miniature eyes stared at the setting sun,

Her small hand seen holding a round bun,
All she chewed all day was a tasteless gum,

The feeling of dejection in her, she’s glum

She declined to show the world her face,

A sad child of the globe, her name, Grace,

purity, is what her body contained,

Ethics, morality she had maintained,

She was chaste,

Pure as the driven snow,

All her life,

No one had heard her lie,

Then it happened one day,

A normal day, seemed okay,

Till evening came,

How she wishes it was a game,

A game, it wasn’t, ‘Twas real.

Just before she had had her meal,

A jumbo of a  man showed up,

He knocked at her ligneous door,

So scared she was,

She rushed to the tub,

Hoping he wouldn’t  knock no more,

Jumbo’s fingers were sharp like claws,

He had an enormous physique; so muscular,

He knocked again, she ignored

She disregarded him, he got bored,

He broke in, went and grabbed her,

She screamed, He tied her mouth.
Pepper spray.
He used the aerosol on her eyes,
what’s used as a spice, to add flavor
Was now used to add discomfort,
Irritation and tears in her eyes,
Then the worst happened,
He compelled her to lie down,
Itchy wet eyes, cold floor,
closed windows, closed door,
And he did it.
Committed a shaming and too wicked an act,
What he left; an infection in the urinary tract,
Also gave her a virus, deadly,
He made her weak and smelly,
He committed a crime against humanity,

Sinned against God, and against all.
That shouldn’t be normal, that’s insanity,
He took away what she had preserved, her purity,
A coward deed, showing immaturity,
And to this day,

As her tiny downcast eyes watch the sunset,
She execrates  jumbo-like men, nature,
Only thing she trusts is her kind and exquisite pet.