She had been faking it. She did it so well I couldn’t suspect a thing. She did it like a professional actress who had spent so many years at the theaters. The faking, the acting, so perfect, I was so convinced she had been asleep. She hadn’t been sleeping at all, she wasn’t in dream land, as I had earlier thought. she had been awake. Adoncia hadn’t slept one bit. she had just shut her eyelids in the most professional way no one could detect anything. We had been married for more than half a decade. I had believed I knew her in and out. I believed I knew her like the back of my hand. I knew her like a book. Of course she wasn’t perfect, she had had some annoying habits. One thing I detested in her was her short temper. she could get mad real quick, throw tantrums till sunset. I loathed that character in her. She was attractive though, her physical features were so seductive that I often forgot what she was venting and ranting about after she had cooled down. Even after All those years of our marriage, after all those beautiful and not so appealing moments we had shared, even after thinking to myself that I had known my woman from head to toe, it  never hit me that my woman could be as good as an actress. I had lived with someone who would pretend to be what she’s not. Women! Creatures of mystery.

Three pages and one thousand six hundred words later, when I had started digging in the philosophical text,  I heard some strange movements in our bedroom. I posed, and the noise died.Spooky. I went on reading. Three hundred words later, the noises resumed. What was it? My wife had been dead in slumber, that, I was sure of. I never kept any pets apart from a white cat. It was my childhood friend who was shifting from the neighborhood to another area that had given me the cat. I didn’t really want it, but took it anyway as I reasoned my wife would love to have one.

I had initially assumed it was the cat making the noise but after listening for a while, I realized it wasn’t it. The noise proceeded to the living room. At this point, I had to get up from where I was. I pushed my desk and went to the door. The corridor from my study to the living room was dark as I had switched off the light. I went and switched on the light and headed to the living room. The more I furthered my steps, the clearer the sounds were. I got to the living room and the first thing that I came across made me shake with fright. I felt weak, my bones could not support me. My eyes felt like they could pop out of their sockets. In front of me was a cat, the cat we owned. My wife was a lover of pets, I didn’t like the animal that much.

The cat we owned.
Adoncia loved this cat.
The cat habitually crawled to where Adoncia was, and spent minutes near her, like she had asked for its company. I never understood the chemistry between the two. I  usually watched  them in awe, admiring the relationship they had. All those were memories that moment. Before me was a lifeless cat, it had ceased breathing. There was that belief of cats having nine lives, I don’t know how true that is. The cat had died. Who had killed it? The killer must have had a difficult time taking its life. Attempting to murder a living being nine times is sure an exhausting task. It’s tiring to imagine that one can try to kill a cat nine times  before it finally breathes it’s last. I could have given up on the fourth attempt had I been a killer. A majority of us grew up believing that cats have nine lives. Everyone believed in the myth so much that any efforts to try and explain that science disputes that, could lead to endless ferocious debates.

I had been nervously staring at the cat when I was interrupted by other strange noises. Creepy, disturbing. That of someone choking. I listened more, it was that of a child choking. I hurriedly dashed across the room to the bedroom, where the bizarre noise was coming from. A rude shocked slapped my face upon stepping in the room.

Adoncia! Adoncia my beauty had turned to a beast. Her eyes had changed color to green. Green like the grass on the lawns outside. Her body mass had doubled. Her hands had doubled their normal size. Her well manicured nails were missing, they had been replaced by long, ugly and sharp claws. Her feet were hairy, her smooth long legs were now fat. Two times their previous size. Her curvy figure had gone. She was now looking corpulent and round like a potato. Her presence scared me. I wanted to wake up from this nightmare. A horrifying and saddening nightmare, but could not as it was no nightmare. Everything was real. I wished I could scream but my voice had disappeared. Adoncia had been holding one of our sons up in the air, she held another with her humongous hand by the wall. A pillow was covering our son’s face. He was having difficulties breathing. I could see that from the door. “Adoncia!…..”. I shouted. “what has come of you? What’s with your body? Kindly let the kids be. Please.” She gave me one stern glance which made me shake like a twig.” “My dear, kindly stop what you’re doing. Have pity on the children. Please,” I tried begging her. My words fell on deaf ears. It was like bargaining with a monster. My wife had turned to a monster. How? I could not understand. It’s something that I ponder upon every single day. I at times hide myself in a corner, and weep as I try to decipher how an eye candy being like Adoncia could turn to a monster overnight and start spilling blood of those she loved.

“I know you love the boys. Leave them and come to me. My dear, please.” I went on.
The room was quiet and still as a graveside. More silence. There were heavy breathings being heard in the midst of the silence. I slowly and in fear tried to approach her. She had been standing at the farthest end of our room, near the bed. our two innocent sons were beside her. Her face read all manner of irritation. It looked disgruntled, her eyes looked sharply at me, as I diffidently dragged my feet to where she had been. Hardly had I moved four steps to where she was when a super heavy blow met my face. She smacked me hard with her left hand that I flew from where she was and fell next to the door. I was baffled, in pain and bemused. I felt like I was half dead. The blow my monster of a wife had given me was heavy enough to pull down a one storied building. I could not get up from the floor. Feeling content, she walked over to where I was and kicked me in the tummy so hard. The kick sent me flying out of the room. I was rattled, her actions were puzzling, everything appeared bizarre and odd. Last time I checked I had a beautiful wife who was sleeping as I went to the study, moments later I had a monster who was on a mission to destroy everything.

I managed to glance at the old clock on the wall and it read 3. am. I put my head down as I was struggling with the pain.  About a minute later, some sound came out my bedroom which made my head to feel like bursting out. I crawled towards the room as my feet could not allow me walk. As I got in, I witnessed the most traumatizing thing ever. Adoncia had knocked one son’s head against the wall. She had used all the energy she had while carrying out that atrocious activity that the son died instantly. She went to the next boy and did the same, banged his head against the wall, the boy too, just like his brother, passed on, in pain. After making sure they were not alive, she made a turn to leave the room. It seemed like I had made a grave mistake to crawl towards the room. I apparently was not allowed to see what she had been doing. “What is it that you have seen?” She asked in fury. I could not answer as I was in so much discomfort. My body was in fire. It felt like I was in hell. “You are not allowed to witness anything..” She shouted at me. Her voice had changed. She spoke with command, her voice had deepened. She then kicked me in the tummy again, just like she had done earlier. She moved her plump feet to the kids bedroom. I followed her with my eyes as my body was hurting so much. Torment. Agony.

Our other two sons had been sleeping. I find it odd that they had not awoken even with all the fracas that had been in the house. I heard her call them by name. “Zabby! Eli! Get up!” I heard her hoarse voice call them. They did not wake up that moment. She went to their beds, got them off the beds and dragged them to our bedroom. They still were sleepy, I could see that. She dragged them behind like a sack of maize and dropped them on the floor when she got to our room. All this time I was weeping. I had been crying all through. Seeing all that evil yet I was helpless tortured my heart. Whom could I blame? I was in no position to stop the monster from doing what she was doing. I wished I could. I felt like a coward. A weakling I was. But how could I help my children even if I wanted to? All my bones had been broken. My namby-pamby body could not move a thing. I weeped more and made the floor mat wet. The worst thing, the thing which makes me hide myself in a dark room even today was my failure to comprehend how all this had happened. Which evil spirit resided in my wife that particular night? What made her go nuts? Why didn’t she confide in me if she was having any trouble with her soul the days prior to  the murders? Why did she pretend to be asleep that damned night then woke up when I had gone to the study? Why did she even agree to be part of my life if she knew something that bad, and of such magnitude would happen one day? Why did she act sweet and all yet she was cut from the same cloth as the devil? I weep for her. I weep for making such an unwise decision. The decision to marry her. I weep for my children, I pity my poor soul.

She murdered Zabby and Eli in the same style she had killed Manu and Joram, our other two sons. She hit their heads against the wall till they passed out then finally died. After being satisfied, she walked to where I had been lying, looked at me with her big and round eyes, and said to me words I’ve never comprehended to this day.

“I knew it all along..” she told me then gave me another jumbo-like kick in my tummy. My back hit the wall so hard that I wished I could die. She then walked away and I heard her footsteps move towards my study. What had she gone to look for there? All her life, she hadn’t been much of a reader. Books didn’t catch her interest. I waited to hear her ruin more things. She didn’t touch a thing. She seemed to be moving from one place in the room to the other. Her eyes did everything. Her hands were not of any use to her that minute. Only thing she did was stare. Stare at the many shelves of books. Adoncia the monster then came back to where I was, sat beside me then later lay on the floor next to me. I feared for the worst. What was she up to this time? To hit my head on the floor so I could pass on too? I was scared. She didn’t do that though, she did the unanticipated. Adoncia began coiling her body. She coiled it like a serpent. She coiled it circularly you would think she was imitating an earth worm. Then she burst out. Her fat and ugly body burst out spilling out her intestines, lungs, heart and all the internal parts. It was such an ugly scene that no normal human can view and not fall sick.

Morning came. There I was. I couldn’t move a leg. I was all alone in the house. being kept company by corpses. Corpses of people who were my family. A morning like that would mean that we shared some coffee in the dining room. But not on that day, all I could share was my pain. Adoncia had confessed that she knew it. What did she know? I questioned myself. maybe she knew that she would one day murder all of our kids, she probably knew that she was not human. Or she knew the exact day she would carry out. Perhaps she meant that I was too naive to notice that she hadn’t been asleep that night. Why did she tell me that? she had left me in so much pain, yet she summed it up with that incomprehensible statement, which killed my brain cells as I was left thinking too much. Maybe she knew that I would write down the accounts of that night some time in the future. What did she know all along? Adoncia, my unraveled mystery

What happened to the joyous me? I'm now a sad man
I’m always thinking about my Adoncia
Adoncia makes my tear glands empty real fast. She makes me weep everyday, she is the reason I become the subject of many conversations in my area. I weep because I married a mystery which gave birth to four adorable sons who are no more. Adoncia had slayed the cat, my wife killed my sons. My sons would some day continue with my lineage had she not smacked their heads on the wall. I at times wish I could join them too. I wish my friend Saulo hadn’t come to my house twenty four hours after the demise of our sons. Saulo is a man I look up to with reverence. He was the man who helped me clean the filth that was my house a day after Adoncia had burst out. He had come to see us in the evening and found that I had passed out. He organized for me to be taken to the hospital and called out for people to come help with the transportation of the corpses to the morgue. The local media houses sold their papers in droves that week, thanks to the state of affairs in my house. I had regained consciousness two days later but could not walk well as my spinal cord had been badly damaged. Though not in our customs and culture, I instructed that my family be cremated instead of being buried the normal way. I can’t explain why I descended on such a decision. I still keep their remains to this date. Their ashes are well kept in different urns. Three decades ago, I lost my family in the most bizarre way ever, I cry everyday. Don’t give me a judging look when you spot me weeping on the streets.
One of the urns containing their remains.