The termination of life on earth marks the commencement of another, in the spirit world. Perhaps where only departed souls exist. Death denotes that. Death puts an end to life. The typical life we are used to. Death erases every tad. The laughter people shared, the good times, the ugly, the unforgettable moments. The living are only left with one thing; memories, recollections. Sad. Very sad. Cruel. Death is merciless. I’m unable to comprehend a lot of stuff. How does death happen? I fail to understand that. What’s next after a man’s heart stops beating? Where does his spirit first go to? Does it (the spirit) first pay a visit to his house? To see how his family is grieving? How dejected they are and in affliction? Does it observe his dear wife more than anyone else? To see if the wife is truly hurt by his absence? Does it first go to his caring mother? Or responsible first son? Where does one’s spirit first go to when they bid bye to this perplexing universe?
My pal and I were conversing, back then, more than six years ago. So my friend and I were having a little discussion, some catching up, small chit-chats and in the process we started talking about death. Why people are scared of death, why it’s a taboo in some communities to speak about it. He mentioned an African community which makes people who speak about death go for cleansing. Yup! Purification by the river, accompanied by a traditional cleanser. It happens in some interior villages, he said. The living talking about the dead, or death is like inviting death itself, the people of the said community believed.




Ever heard of purgatory? In layman’s language, Purgatory is a state/place where sinful souls make amends for their sins before getting to heaven.

Life is precious. My friend isn’t scared of death. He’s scared of how he’ll die. Will an accident rob him off his dear life? Will his death be as a result of food poisoning? Will he die in his sleep? Will he breath his last while in hospital? Which ailment will he be suffering from? Will the disease be chronic?
Some will say it’s absurd that one can think of such. Why would anyone think of death? Isn’t life too beautiful? They’ll ask .
I’m also eccentric in my own ways. I am, like queer elements that exist in my solitary world, usually during moments when I spend alone. Solo, like the arctic sea. Oh boy, don’t I love such moments! No disturbance from anyone one. (Humans can be annoying at times .. Aaarrgghh). I like it solo. Introverted as I am. Such moments when you can freely think and interpret all pessimistic thoughts you have, without having to watch out for over optimistic individuals who’ll say you’re too negative for this world. I think about death too, but that’ll be a story for another day.
What prompted me to write this? A few days ago, a few months ago, since the beginning of the year, we’ve lost so many people. Close friends, family members, neighbors; people you often  see in your hood but never say hi to them. Not that you got beef with them, just that you can’t be greeting everyone you pass by. Such people die too. And we feel it. We feel it deeply man, it hurts, so bad. That so and so who you used to see as you headed out to buy milk at the shop is no more? It’s so painful. You might not have known their last name, nor the first name, maybe you could only identify them by their aliases. But you feel it when a pal informs you that they’ve gone to be with the Lord. Yea, it’s that  painful, its ‘coz we are humans who have hearts and care.

A public figure died sometime this year. The mourning he received was astounding. (for lack of a better word). People came in droves from their homes to go and pay their last respect. Scores eulogized him and mentioned his name, for he had been an asset in the society. He was known all over. kids die too, little known people pass on too, not may mourn them, just the family and relatives.
Notice how the former and latter cases are lamented? What does one observe? That the high profiled individuals demises’ matter more than those of the unknown? I don’t know, man. Death is bad. Death is a sad affair. Death is selfish, cruel, evil, it doesn’t have any feelings. It doesn’t mind that people are gonna get hurt if it snatches one of their own. It also doesn’t discriminate, it torments all, both who are above and below the poverty line. Both classes shed tears when they suffer a loss as a result of death. I don’t understand how death happens.