It’s World Left Handers Day! Have a Happy one.

Since childhood, there’ve been a couple of bizarre things which have often fascinated me. Sometimes my mind drifts from this world and travels miles away, to an incognito location. Millions of thoughts revolve in my mind when I’m in some other planet (which is not earth). I think of eerie and kind of un-orthodox stuff. Funny thing is that at times my mind is left blank. Yes, blank, full of space like a vacuum, the millions of thoughts disappear. Perhaps to take a walk in another planet, which is further.
Like the other day in the afternoon, I wasn’t really bored and I can’t say I wasn’t busy, was staring into space, and forming images with my eyes. I don’t know how it happens but I do see figures swim freely and in slow motion when I make blank stares. Other times I see clouds form patterns of cute animals or ugly monsters. Does that happen to anyone else?

Left handed people, or lefties as most of us refer to them are among the special beings that fascinate me. I feel like that group of people is a rare breed. They are exceptional in a million and one ways. Ever stopped working and observed your leftie pal write? or chop onions? Or throw a ball? Or change a channel on t.v with the remote? I do that a lot. Not that I find it odd, I just feel like they got some super power. That they carry some magic in their left hands. It’s such a beautiful sight. You know how photographers feel when taking shots of beautiful beaches and gorgeous models? That’s the feeling I get when observing lefties work. I like it more when I see them signing documents.

Throughout school, I always wanted to have a left handed desk-mate. Not that sitting close to them could better my grades, no. Their presence could arouse some form of excitement in me. I feel happy seeing lefties around.
From my observation, this rare kind of folk which hypnotizes me for no particular reason seems to be extremely talented. I’m not insinuating that righties (Is that an English word?) have no talent at all, just happens that the lefties I know of are extraordinaire. You seen a leftie draw? He does it better than the right handed guy. Seen a leftie write? Isn’t that a striking sight?

In campus I kind of felt pity for my leftie classmates. Most of the desks in school were made for the right handed students. It’s like whoever was in charge of making the desks was making one desk for the left handed, after making ten thousand  for the right handed. I know lefties aren’t that many, but someone should have had it in mind, that it would be a bit challenging for the left handed student to write well in class using a desk meant for right handed people.

One thing I’ve noted with the lefties I’ve interacted with is that  often, they are extremely gifted and have great ideas . Lefties are creative and too smart. Just look around. Most are bright in school. All my life I’ve never studied with a leftie who’s a numbskull. Only a handful of those I know are slow learners in school. I don’t know if it is by default, I can’t tell. I have a friend who tells me that in kindergarten, the teacher used to force him use the right hand. It was a hassle for him as he could use his right hand to write at school but use the left while doing the homework at home. Apparently, his teacher back then believed that left handed folk were abnormal, and she couldn’t stand seeing one of her pupils use the left hand. She thought it was some kind of deformity. It’s after a few weeks of the teacher seeing how difficult it was for my friend to pen down ABCs, that she finally allowed him to use the left hand in school. Strange, right?

Like many proffesions/vocations, left handers experience challenges. (Is being a Leftie a proffesion? LOL. I Don’t Know, ask them). Some of the challenges they face include:

.writing on spiral book
.Using scissors
.playing the guitar
.Using desks meant for right handed people (as earlier mentioned.)
.Knocking elbows with righties when having dinner or writing
.Everyone keeps on asking them whether they are left handed. Imagine this,

Person 1: Have you always been left handed?

Leftie: No man, I’m just using the left hand when I see nosy people around. LOL. that’s probably what could have been my answer had I been a leftie. Thank God I ain’t one.

Today, the thirteenth day of August is a day we celebrate the left handed people around us. It’s The World Left Handers Day. It is said that left handed people make about 10% of the world population.We are about 7 billion living humans in this world, so lefties are roughly 700,000,000. Lefties are awesome people. The few I’ve interacted with are too kind and sweet. They are amazing beings, skilled in various fields. They posses a natural knack that normal people lack. (In this piece, normal means we, right handed people). I’m yet to meet a rude, arrogant or egocentric leftie. Do they exist? I hope they don’t ’cause they’ll spoil it for the rest of the good ones. Among the most amazing left handed people is my lovely sister. She’s such an angel. I hold her in high esteem despite her being younger than me.  I like how sharp she is and how quick she thinks. She’s no genius, just your average kid. What stands out in her is that she’s leftie and awesome like her ilk.

British P.M
British P.M

In history, we’ve had great left handed people who excelled in various disciplines. One of them is Barack Obama, America’s 44th and first black president. He is loved more than he is hated. I so much enjoy watching him giving speeches.

Kenya’s fourth president, Uhuru kenyatta is also a leftie. How cool is that? You don’t think so? That’s uber cool to me. (Call me weird if you want to. That’s cool too :-). I enjoy watching him speak, giving gestures, signing documents etc.

British P.M David Cameron is also  a leftie. Nice, huh? That’s a fun fact you probably weren’t aware of.

The list of renowned people who were lefties in history is longer than the Amazon. They can’t fit in one post. Here is a few of some notable names.

Current U.S president Barack Obama
Current U.S president Barack Obama
Current head of state of the Republic of Kenya
Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

i). Leonardo Da Vinci, (Born April 15, 1452, Vinci Italy, died May 2, 1519). Italian Artist,Painter,Sculptor, Architect,Engineer and Scientist.

ii). Herbert George Wells (Born September 21, 1866 in bromley U.K, Died August 13, 1946). English writer.

iii). LeBron James ( Born December 30, 1984). American basketball player.

iv).Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. (Born July 14, 1913 , Died December 26, 2006). 38th President of the United States

v). Kurt Cobain (Born February 20, 1967 Died April 5, 1994).  American musician of the rock band Nirvana.

vi). Bruce Campbell (June 22, 1958). American actor, director, producer and writer.

vii). Julia Roberts (Born October 28, 1967). American actress and producer.

viii). Phil Collins (Born January 30, 1951). English singer and songwriter.

ix)Celine Dion (Born March 30, 1968). Canadian singer.

x).Wolfgang Amedeus Morzat (Born January 27, 1756 Died December 5, 1791). composer of the Classical Era.

xi). Robert Schumann (Born June 8, 1810 Died July 29, 1856). German Composer of the romantic Era.

xii).Whoopi Goldberg (Born November 13, 1955). American actress and comedian.

xiii).Lord Baden-Powell  (Born Feb 22 1857 Died January 8, 1941). UK Founder of the Scouting Movement.

xiv). Naopoleon Bonaparte (Born August 15, 1769, Died May 5, 1821). French military and political leader.

xv). Paul Verlaine ( Born March 30, 1844, Died January 8, 1896). French poet and writer.

xvi).Laura Chinchilla (Born March 28, 1959). Former Costa Rican President.

xvi). Angelina Jolie (Born June 4, 1975). American actress.

xvii). Ludwig Uhland (Born April 26, 1787, Died November 13, 1862). German poet.

xviii). William Henry Gates (Born October 28, 1955). Microsoft co-founder and computer programmer.

xix). Nicole Kidman (Born June 20, 1967). Australian actress.

xx). Mesut Ozil (Born October 15, 1988). German footballer.

Basketballer LeBron James
Talk show host Oprah Winfrey
Arsenal player Ozil
Mesut Ozil
Caryn Elaine Johnson
Whoopi Goldberg signing autographs

Know a leftie pal? Gift them something, foot their bill when they visit the local this weekend (for booze lovers), or buy them a book. You can also share with them this post. Pass my sincere love to them. A fabulous Left Handers day to you all.