I Miss The 18th Century

As the occupants of this part of the world go to slumber,
When slim snakes slither beneath bushes and on grasses,
When a percentage of vehicles stops moving; cars and buses,
As the avaricious man, the one with a vast appetite, as vast as the Mediterranean sea,
Drops his mistresses to pick others, moves around,
He who never even once gets satisfied,
Should be captured, whipped and tied,
For he emotionally hurts his loyal bride.
When the crickets try to outdo each other chirping, as if there would be a contest,
When political and social activists take a rest before planning their next protest,
As frogs and toads croak with hoarse and disturbing noises,

I sit still, outside, on the lawn,
Hoping that things will change by dawn,
The night is quiet, dark, and looks sad. Typical.
Looking up, at the cute crescent moon, shiny, bright stars,
Bleeding inside, hurting psychologically, touching my healed scars
Thinking; I miss the 18th century!

Ludwig Van Beethoven should still have been alive,

So I could treat my ears to the good music he composed.
Alessandro Scarlatti and Pietro Metastasio shouldn’t have passed on,

we could still be entertained by them, as they could have given us exemplar operas every day,
I could have wished for Johann Sebastian Bach to be born in our generation,

He could have saved us from the off-beat and vile rap lyrics given to us by dense artistes,

who only sing about harlots, liquor, coke and getting high, not forgetting to floss in video clips, with semi nude lasses who apply too much red lipstick, one would be forgiven for thinking they’re from sucking blood straight from a slaughtered bull.
They call that entertainment; I call that crap, bullshit nothing that benefits the society.
The lyrics and videos are ratchet,
Makes me wanna kick the bucket.

Walk around town. Loose morals at every street corner, every glance you make.

    There were call girls in the 18th century; Oldest profession, they say.

  But modern hookers are so disgusting to look at. Their carefree attitude cost them a lot.

I miss Immanuel Kant, his prudent reasoning, and logical commentaries,
What we have now are self-proclaimed thinkers, who do anything but think,
Analysts and phony experts who have limited knowledge of the disciplines they talk of.

  I see them spew out ignorance, and shake my head in shame and embarrassment.
Their single perfection is fraud and false advertisement.
I miss thinkers like Alexander Von Humboldt.

There were very few if any acts of terrorism, no global warming,
Air we breathe, and waters fish swim in hadn’t been as polluted as they are now, by egotistical and negligent humans.
Man was kind,

No one could let a case like Aylan Kurdi’s happen, (May he rest with the angels)

The 18th century lacked stupid habits like taking endless selfies after every eight minutes,
Bowing down on phones for hours, pressing several digits,
Unlike today, Social Media was absent, thus people interacted and listened to each other on a one on one basis,
Rarely could one spot indecency,
No lifestyle diseases were present during that period,
Save for slavery and other slight inhumanities, the 18th century was the age to live.