Her lean feat trudged slowly, she was in no hurry,

Tiny mind carried too much distress, made her worry,

The globe angered her, her heart and soul full of fury,

World mocked her, prosecuted her, acted as the jury,

Guilt-ridden, she walked on, her face was all but cheery,

As the crystal balls of rain dropped on the ground,

splitting sheets of papers  which had been bound,

washing away the filth that humans had dropped,

All manner of waste, and timber they had chopped,

As frogs croaked,

and benighted children played in the rain,oblivious of the risks,

her big and innocent heart burned in pain.

Her thoughts had been tied with a silver chain,

Like a little poodle kept as a pet.

As the rain made her dress wet,

Not even the cold breeze could cool her heart,

Not a single soul listened to her heart,

None wanted to have a view of her art,

Often she was snubbed, deemed callow,

They thought her reasoning was shallow,

With no family in the vicinity,

And only mean men being seen,

She thought of quitting quietly,

Leaving footprints behind as she headed to the river,

She felt like Solomon; she had reasoned wisely,

As fate would have it, she went too close to the waters,

Quietly, and with no one watching, just as she had wanted,

Her footprints at the river bank were the last sign of her.

Like a loner, without bidding bye to anyone, she called it quits

The waters carried her to an anonymous location.