I cower when it’s dawning,
I so much loathe mornings,
The bright sun shining makes me sick,
The thought of me waking up makes me weak,
They’ve always bothered me, week after week,
I wish I could be a bird, and own a beak,
And wings, so I could fly, fly away,
This should come to an end, I pray.
This diabolical act made me sneak away.
I wish to correct, even if I’ll be opposed,
A custom we observe, tradition we celebrate,
Where all girls have to engage in, ritual I hate
I weep for the girls suffering, I empathize with my fate.

They enjoy doing the cut, I abhor the nonsensical culture,
I hate having to share a room with them, I’d rather a vulture,

                             I carry  lot of hatred in me, As my people turned a deaf ear,

They have refused to listen to the call by civilization, year after year
The elderly don’t understand, that they are punishing their younglings,
For you to be married, you have to undergo the cut, they reason,
So innocent girls are mutilated in the genitalia, season after season
Many cry for help, Help that is as impossible to find, as finding green surroundings in a desert,
I’m mad, and sad as a lonely grieving widow,
Who does nothing but cry holding her pillow,
The female nation should wake up, and help stop this notion,
That a lass ain’t grown till she is circumcised,
It’s a vacuous ideology that doesn’t make sense in the 21st century,
Why let a lady undergo all that pain and agony like she has an injury?

The female nation has a duty, we all have a duty, to ensure that this barbaric act stops soon,
Help spread the awareness, that we don’t need the female cut, or else our girls will be doomed,
I’m running, moving away from my people, running away from this stupid custom,
I know I’m a grown woman, I don’t have to undergo the cut,
I can see the negative effect, I’m not blind as a bat,
Here I am, asking for help, from anyone, for I cannot go back home till the shameful act of circumcising girls stops,
Don’t ignore me when we meet on the road, I’m only asking for some aid.