She had a brown complexion. Brown like chocolate. Her skin had a soft texture on the outside, and was tender on the inside. She had two slim strands of leather on the sides, two silver rings encompassing each strand, and two thick wooden rings circumnavigating on the thin strands. She had an alluring rectangular cyan piece at the mid-section; beautiful like marble. She had a fat middle area, and complemented her looks with silver endings. She was sweet and always comforting to have around. She accompanied me everywhere; from the house, to the market, to work, to the mall, to church… name it. She never complained whenever and wherever I carried her. The challenge was that she was mute all the time. But that was not a problem. I never needed her opinion. I only exalted her company. How could anyone not love her? She was the likable type. Never made enemies with anyone. Mum characters never make enemies.

So two days ago, as I was up and about my errands, my friend in tow, something bad happened. I bet the devil was conspiring to bring me down on that day but was unable to. “If you want to punish a man, hurt those he loves”. I’m sure the devil has heard of that saying, thus my predicament. The devil is such a cunning character. He’s managed to trick me a few times but has never been successful. Be wary of him.

Where were we? Oh, as I was saying, two days ago as I was busy doing my stuff, something terrible happen. Something so terrible that it broke my heart. I lost something so dear to me.

Hey, relax. No one died. I just lost something.

As I was walking, I felt like my hand was getting lighter. On checking, I noticed that my bracelet was hanging loosely, so I tightened it. I went on to shop for some house essentials. It took me an hour to shop. (This is the part where you’re supposed to clap for me :-). It usually takes me more than two hours to shop for a few basic commodities). I was to rush somewhere in the afternoon. After picking the items I needed, I curled my wrist to check what time it was, and Alas! My friend was gone. My friend, the bracelet, had gone! Gone… Just like that. Had someone robbed me? Of course not. Who robs people bracelets in broad daylight? I remember it hanging loosely, then me tightening it. That was the last time I had seen its lovely self. When did it slip off? How is it that I didn’t feel it fall off from my wrist to the ground? Was it tired of hanging around my hand like a slave? Why did it have to go without saying a word?

I had bought the bracelet a few months ago. I saw it being sold in the C.B.D and loved it. There were a couple of others but I loved this particular one more than the rest. I tried it on and it looked cute on my hand, so I bought it. Just like my watch, it only left my wrist when I was doing water related activities like taking a shower, doing laundry etc. I really treasured the bracelet. Other than adding an aesthetic value to my hand, the bracelet kept my watch company. Mind you, I hold watches in very high regard. I can never leave the house without my timepiece on. I believe watches were created on the last day before God rested. Same day as man. A very vital gadget one should have.

And so, I lost my very beautiful bracelet. Just like that. Without a warning. Life. I can imagine the pain she might have gone through when she dropped down from my hand. Several pairs of feet might have stamped on her appealing self. She might have thought there was a stampede. Her tender inner skin was probably covered in dust and had lost the lovely chocolate color, to acquire a new ugly pale color courtesy of the dust. She is probably buried a few feet under as every man walking pushes her deeper on the ground. Perhaps she was tossed by the roadside by some kid who is fond of kicking stuff while walking. Perhaps she is in a ditch, and will be rained on when the skies open, and sink in the rain water. Maybe some guy, no chick, picked her up and now she is safely around someone else’s wrist. She has found a new home, and just like most of us who write down New Year Resolutions every January, she has started afresh and won’t look back. Whatever the case, I miss her. And now I’m tasked with finding another beautiful bracelet like the one I lost. I could have shared with y’all how stunning the piece of jewellery was, but I unfortunately never took a photo of it when I owned it. That makes me low-key sad. I lost her  :-(.




PS: I’ve referred to the bracelet as she as it had feminine features, I believe.