Through the transparent glass window,

Overlooking the harlequin-green meadow,

I watch the clean crystal drops of rain fall,

Keeping in mind what we did; all,

Plaintive tears rolling down my cheeks,

Wondering why you’re gone for weeks.

Something I never envisioned.

Often times, I question your decision.

why did the sugary you have to go?

Leaving my heart glum and hollow like a bore,

Deserting me, I’m in an infinite state of solitude,

I reminisce with endearment the times we shared,

How much of a gem you were, how you cared,

For all to see, our sweet affair you bared,

You evinced how you felt, never were you scared,

I overlook the plants to overcome the auto-phobia.

I wonder if you went to Ethiopia, or is it Macedonia?

Where in this vast globe could you be?

Do you ever stop and think about me?

You departed without a warning, or an advance notice,

Please return, before I get struck by psychosis.

Trepidation andΒ  Jim-jams is what I have now,

And now, this feeling of melancholy has clouded my soul,

The thrill and enthusiasm to face life fades by the minute,

False hope lingering around, that one day you might visit.

I’ve grown to be an introverted nyctophobic,

I feel ignored like a bin.

I wish to hold something like a gin,

So as to escape my current condition.

I only have one ambition,

That one day you’ll surprise me with a knock on the door,

You’ll find me waiting, whimpering like a bereaved soul, lying on the floor.