BOOK: The Optimist’s Creed: How to Make the Most of opportunities by your Hopeful Outlook to Life

AUTHOR: Gideon Mutai

Genre: Non-Fiction

ISBN-13:  978-1517007522

ISBN-10: 1517007526


PUBLISHER: Mystery Publishers via the CreateSpaceIndependent Publishing platform (Print-on-Demand)



Written in an insightful manner, “The Optimist’s Creed” is a book full of nothing but prudence. There is so much logic and enlightenment in the text. The author’s style of putting out points is artful and well expressed.

This book is distinct and excellent in more than one way. One thing that stood out for me in the book is the author’s use of stories. In every chapter, as you read on, you are guaranteed a story. This makes the book even more appealing to look at. I’ve always loved stories, and I love that the author used short stories when expounding his sentiments.  You can never stop once you start reading this book. There’s always that urge of moving to the next chapter. In addition to his writing, the author adds quotes by prominent people in history to complement the various points he talks of. He also gives examples from verses in the bible and adds ancient proverbs from different parts of the world. That’s an A1. This style of writing is splendid

On choice, he says: “The future is purchased by the choices we make today! Make good choices for a good future because the consequences of any choice are inevitable.”

The writer makes a lot of sense as he tackles the various subjects in the book. It is all about optimism, and taking the right path. The writer also too touches on knowing where to stop and when. He intensely talks about talents, and what we need to know about them. He deeply explains how faith and faithfulness are distinct in their own ways.This, he does with a story of course.

“Silence Is Golden.” That’s a title of one chapter in the book. He says that he loves the book of proverbs in the Bible, and goes on to quote several verses. One verse he added was from  Proverbs 18:2. it states, “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding but only in expressing” very brief but full of wisdom.

Before you talk, ask yourself why you are talking: Is it to advise, admonish, condemn, complain, accuse, reject, despise, demoralize, and destroy or to build? His bottom line? Know when to talk, what to talk about, where to talk, why talk about it and how to present the information. By having this in mind, we’ll lessen many life hurts that lies and their relatives, violence, corruption and dishonesty guarantees. his opinions.’

The writer stresses on the need of being nice, being courteous and ethical, helping those in need and generally being useful in the society. His book is about success, achievement, setting goals and achieving them.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be disheartened to read an inspirational book. You don’t have to have hit your lowest to read such a book, this book, you only need to have free time, for the author has penned down a lot of wisdom. There is a lot of sense that can help one in their day to day activities. It’s also a short book that one can read in a few days. It’s clearly written and easy to understand.  If I were to rate this book, I’d give it a 7 out of 10 for it deserves nothing less.