Abruptly, my thought process came to a standstill,

There, I was contemplating the content of my will,

My assets, how to share, when I permanently leave,

No single man was present, zero creatures around, nil,

Just me, my heartbeat and the cold room,

Now was my time, either that or I was doomed.

I could feel with my hands, mind and every bit of my flesh how quiet it was,

It was still as if spell bound,

Quiet, very quiet, one could smell death.

I remembered my dear friend, beautiful Beth,

I knew her for eons, before she left,

Nature stole my friend, I blame her for theft,

Her sudden departure was mysterious, to date, her destination remains anonymous,

We shared birth dates, laughter and tears, and together often attended the holy mass.

A cutie she was, beautiful, kind and joyous soul,

Ah, just recalled the porridge we shared in the bowl.

You see, the universe is a strange place,

A fact all should embrace,

Let me tell you about my cold room.

It holds and shelters me, like a fetus in a womb.

Though cold as a witch’s tit in a brass bra,

It’s my safe haven  in the gloom of night, and any sunny day,

It lacks luxurious equipment found in a spa,

All it houses are my seat, book shelf and ash tray.

Let’s revisit my messy and disorganized train of thought,

My ass was warming the cold metallic seat I had recently bought,

When the atypical transpired,

Can I call you my pal? You, who’s reading this,

I don’t have anyone around, no nephew, no niece

They all left, picked their bags, and said bye.

May I, friend?

It has stopped, again,

I’m unable to explain,

How it works, my brain,

Dear Lord, I’m going insane,

Someone help me comprehend,

The link between my brain and the room, this cold room,

 This is deviant, my mind, my safe haven, my thought,

I’m losing it, temperatures are rising, its getting hot,

I need a mortal, to get me out of this mess

My mind has turned against me,

this is not how it used to be,

It’s getting strange,

I could be deranged.

Send aid.