It’s 2:00 AM and insomnia is my guest. I don’t understand why I’m lacking sleep. I spent the whole afternoon binge-watching Tom Clancy’s ‘Jack Ryan’ and I don’t feel like watching anything else this quiet night. It’s the weekend though, and I ain’t worried about waking up late. I felt like writing, and this post is the simplest thing that popped into my mind, so here we are.

1. I’m introverted

This is perhaps not a surprise to people who know me. I suck at making new friends. Catch me dead initiating a conversation. I think I was more outspoken in my early years, but this keeping-to-myself habit crept into me after school. I’m totally cool with staying indoors 24/7 as long as I have the internet and music.

2. Never been on a train

I hope this doesn’t make me uncool. Lol. I have never used a train all my life. This is despite the fact that there’s a train station less than two kilometers from our home. I hope to ride on one before I die though, LOL.

3. My birth Certificate has two names but my national I.D has three

Yea yea. See, I always had and used two names in school, up until in Class 8 when I was about to sit for my K.C.P.E and the school insisted there had to be three names on my K.C.P.E certificate. Told my folks that and I was given another name. I always use three names on my certificates and any legal document since then.

4. I think Beyoncé is the greatest performer of our time.

You can fight me on this, dear. Queen Bey is the bomb! I search for her concerts online every time I’m bored. Watching her sing cheers me up. Her vocals are A1, she dances with all the passion in the world and she knows how to entertain her audience. On top of that, she has a super amazing personality. Beyoncé rocks!

5. In another life, I’d want to be a dinosaur.

sometimes I wonder how the world could have been with dinosaurs around. I personally think that they were the coolest in the animal kingdom before their extinction. I would want to be a dinosaur and see how life would have been. Oh, and I would totally kick man’s ass if he came to my habitat.

6. Ab-Soul is my favorite rapper.

My favorite rapper is from Carson, California! Oh my! I can’t begin to describe how much I love Soulo. His lyricism is unmatched, he gives classic wordplays and he has bars for days! I play him every once in a while to enjoy his bars and bond with his work. My favorite album from him is ‘DWTW’ and my favorite tape is “Longterm 2”. I hope to meet him one day so I can personally tell him how much I love his work.

7. “IF” by Rudyard Kipling, Max Ehrmann’s “Desiderata”, Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”, “Moment of Silence”  by Emmanuel Ortiz, and Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” are my top five poems of all time.

“If” helps me to have hope when things are thick. “Desiderata” is my everyday guide. Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite literary icon, and I love so many poems by him that I had to have one of his work in my top five. “The Raven” is beautifully written, and it makes one love literature more. The persona and the mournful mood in the poem are intriguing enough for me. Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” is another favorite because there is more than one interpretation of the poem. One angle of looking at it is that Frost talks about an individual making personal choices and choosing their own path. The other interpretation states that Frost was talking about one regretting not choosing a certain path, as the results of the decision could have been different. Well, I got teary the first time I read “Moment Of Silence.” It breaks my heart that scores of people keep getting killed just so states could flex muscles.

8. Avocadoes are the most overrated fruits.

I’m sorry if you are Avocado gang and you feel offended. Avocadoes are good, great even. You can practically add avocado to any meal you have. They are sweet too and good for one’s health. They are overrated though! I honestly don’t understand why the fruit is hyped. I know I can eat pineapples and apples every day of the week, I can’t do the same with Avocadoes. Stop giving that fruit too much credit 😂.

9. I’m of the school of thought that time is a social construct

I ain’t saying that time is not real, I just believe that the creation of time by man sometimes brings about unnecessary pressure among individuals. We are programmed to do things in a chronological order. Society has made it seem like in your existence, things should fall in a particular sequence. A person who gets their first degree at 50 is said to have graduated ‘late’. Someone who marries at 15 is said to have married ‘early’. If a meeting was to start at 10:00 AM but starts at 11:00 AM, it becomes an issue because time was wasted. If I could invent my own universe, time would not be measured and days would not be counted I’d totally do away with clocks. I sometimes feel like the need for one to achieve a particular goal at the time society thinks is ‘appropriate’ is bullshit. Society should have allowed everyone to go at their own pace. This need to rush against time can be distressing.

10. I’m a realist and one of my theories is that racism will never end.

I don’t mean to be pessimistic here but that’s how things are. We read and hear stories about racism every day when we wake up. There are people who still think that their race is better than the next person, and will treat those they think inferior like dirt. It happens. It’s tiring reading about that on the web. It’s actually unfortunate that most racists are literate and know the hurtful words and inhuman actions on their victims is wrong, but still go on. Probably because they know they are privileged or they are just spoilt brats.

Well, that’s Nancy in a nutshell. I don’t consider myself a mystery and I’m definitely not an open book. I’m the opposite of an over-sharer unless we are really close. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Xoxo.