AUTHOR: Vincent De Paul

GENRE: Fiction

ISBN-13: 978-1519283429

ISBN-10: 1519283423


PUBLISHER: Mystery Publishers Limited


I first want to mention how excellent the author is in vivid description. The reader gets to understand the character and the events more, as the author leaves nothing to the imagination. I could picture everything when the narrator talked about Ken’s house. I visualized every character’s image when the author took to describing them. The story is well written, with a flowing plot that had me enjoy every part of the book.

Meet Hedwig, or Heddie, a girl in love who in her words, ” loved as though her heart was on a lease”. She is focused, hardworking and a go-getter. I liked her from the beginning of the book. her beau ken is also an interesting character. Starting off, the reader is introduced to and told about Ken. Reading further, I came to know that Ken was also known as Paul. This was confusing for me as it was for Heddie. Had she been seeing a man who had two personalities?

What did Ken do when he went by the name Paul? I needed to know the real ken as much as Hedwig needed to. I loved the air of suspense that hovered around me when reading that. Ken himself was not making it easier for me, as he was hesitant on explaining his past, the past that was Paul. I read on to get the whole story. His story was hair-raising.

Heddie and ken were lovely partners. I so much enjoyed their conversations. Their talk seemed so real and natural. Nothing read like a fantasy world, all was real. I sometimes felt like a third wheel whenever the two were conversing or just chilling out. I enjoyed Heddie’s honesty and openness. The love she had for ken was truly amazing. Their love life wasn’t all smooth though, they faced challenges and had to overcome a few hardships. They however thrived.

I wasn’t ready for the twist that came later in the book. I could not foresee it. The author had me a good one. The drama, adventure trouble, twists and turns the two faced made reading the book fun. The disappearance of Ken, betrayal by friends like Liz and facing difficulties alone made me empathize with Heddie.

“Inevitable desires-firs love-” is a great book. There are a lot of characters to cherish, and a few lessons to learn. It is generally entertaining and pleasing to read. Vincent De Paul did not disappoint with the diction, the literature stylistic devices used and the plot are impressive. I love me a good book. I’d definitely read the sequel