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About Me

Literature junkie | Art enthusiast

An introvert who loves nature. Reticent and reserved. I love art, philosophy, technology and literature. Everyone has a history, written or not. I love history.
I fell in love with poetry a few years back, and since then, my eyes have always been perusing and devouring anything poetic. I adore ancient oeuvres and good writings. I do like scribbling down stuff and as a result, have found myself ending up with mega blocks of texts.
I relish writing. What do I write about? Life. Yes, everything in this life. Anything I think of, both positive and negative. I pen down what I observe. I mostly post poems online. (could be the reason I thought of starting to blog.) I’m at times pensive, I believe. I seldom mingle with folks around. Not eccentric for an introvert who especially loves solitude, right? If I’m not reading some poem, then I’m writing one, if not, then I’m on some Gothic tales, probably by Edgar Allan Poe. (He is my favorite writer. Shakespeare comes second.) I listen to lots of music too; all genres. I am a person of few words. Pink is my favorite color.


28 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love this bio! I see so much of myself in you!
    You know what I would love? A critique from your brilliant mind on my two novels (I’m still a rookie)
    Let me know if you’d be at all interested!
    Have a great day!


  2. Keep up the writing! When you look back at your collection of writings on your life, I think you’ll find them forming a very unique and comprehensive piece that others may find enjoyable and enlightening. Something we can leave for the future, I guess?


  3. Sounds like we have a lot in common! My degree is in History and I love Poe and Shakespeare but one of my favorites is Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan. Those were the ones who drew me over to poetry. Love your site!


  4. Nancy, I hope you will take the time to review my newest book, The Ghosts of Ukuthula. Set during the final year of imprisonment of Nelson Mandela in south Africa, it tells the story behind the Third Force which attempted to derail the transition to black majority rule in South Africa as seen through the eyes of Jacob Nkwe, CIA operative. I think you will enjoy the plot and also the philosophy behind the novel.
    Sincerely, Rick McBee


  5. Hello! I love the fact that blogging can introduce me to people I might never otherwise meet. I’m pleased to have “met” you and thank you for liking my book review on the “Getting in TTouch” by Linda Tellington. I usually write about horses and horse books but I read books about all sorts of things mostly non fiction.


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